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About GGF

Good Governance Forum (GGF) is an independent movement of members from all walks of life to unite likeminded people and influence change for good in their own circle of influence.



With Good, Clean and Corrupt free Governance given a back seat, holistic development in the state has slowed drastically. The civil society and concerned citizens needs to speak out on issues and assure an effective and transformational administration on ethical values.



To address the above we the citizens who are committed to good governance should become the catalyst of change in our own circle of influence. Good Governance Forum (GGF) is an independent movement of members which will work towards a corruption free society.


Engage citizens of the state to make our nation a developed one, free
of corruption providing peace, justice, equality, and development for all.



GGF is clarion call to members of the civil society to come together
and support formation of a corruption free government that works for
peace and development of all sections of the society. Every member of the
forum will be committed to servant leadership and ethical values and
principles of integrity and excellence.


To unite likeminded people of all denominations, caste, and creed under this neutral forum to be heard and to influence change for good.

To empower youth under the forum to serve the nation by participating in public administration and governance through inspiring them and training them.

Specifically, the forum will provide top class training in civil services, judicial services, legislative roles, civil and criminal law profession, chartered accountants and entrepreneurs. A minimum of one such center will be established in each of the districts of the state.

GGF will also reach out to schools and colleges in each of these districts with trained professionals to create awareness on careers & calling and inspire them to take positions of influence in the state.

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