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With Good, Clean and Corrupt free Governance given a back seat, holistic development in the state has slowed drastically. The civil society and concerned citizens needs to speak out on issues and assure an effective and transformational administration on ethical values.


To address the above we the citizens who are committed to good governance should become the catalyst of change in our own circle of influence. Good Governance Forum (GGF) is an independent movement of volunteers which will work towards a corruption free society.

Vision & Objective

GGF seeks to make a difference in the intersection where economics and politics converge. It will bring together a group of thinking people who are grounded in ethical principles to provide new ideas to usher in a system that will help the poor to access the benefits of economic growth. GGF is clarion call to all citizens of the country to come together and  make it a reality.

Mission Statement

The Good Governance Forum will  support the formation of a corruption free government that works for peace and development of all sections of the society.
The forum will be committed to servant leadership and ethical values.
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